Executive Search for Library Leaders and Directors

“Small, focused and effective” is a good description of our search firm. We don’t delegate work to other offices or outside consultants. We like it that way. Our firm’s size allows us to be in control of our searches, answerable to our clients, and able to customize each search as needed. Our clients like it, too. They find us adaptable and highly responsive. We offer a creative and technologically savvy approach to recruiting, which helps us tailor our searches to fit our clients and their unique situations.

We enjoy working with libraries because they are the heart of communities across the country. Each search we undertake is customized to reflect the distinct and special character of the place and people that particular library serves. The proof is in the results.

Our process and experience

Founded in 1987 by
John and Beth Keister, our nationwide Executive Search firm has two practice areas: library leaders and private sector technology leaders. This diverse experience enables us to ask the right questions and examine leadership characteristics beyond just the basic skills of an effective Library Executive Director.

We have Public Library Trustee and Library Board President experience and have been active on behalf of libraries at the local, state, and federal levels. Our experience in the library community and the corporate sector helps us identify management and leadership traits in candidates, assets that are critical to successful administration of today’s library organizations.

Instead of following the traditional path of posting jobs and waiting for responses, we identify and recruit key contributors who will bring energy and passion to the organizations they join. Our success is the result of networking and actively building long-term relationships with the best and brightest library leaders.

John Keister & Associates
Vernon Hills, Illinois (Chicago area)
John Keister & Associates
Phone: 847-955-0540

We are active members of:
  • American Library Association
  • Public Library Association
  • Illinois Library Association
  • Indiana Library Federation
  • Iowa Library Association
  • Wisconsin Library Association

We are committed to Equal Employment Opportunities, and will not discriminate against any candidate because of race, color, religion, national origin, age, gender, disability, veteran status, or sexual orientation.

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