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Porter County Public Library System (PCPLS) serves approximately 145,000 residents living in Porter County, Indiana. The system has facilities in five locations: Valparaiso is the largest, with 55,945 square feet, followed by Portage (33,560 square feet), South Haven (13,250 square feet), Hebron (12,800 square feet), and Kouts (11,875 square feet). It is supported by a staff of 58 full-time and 40 part-time employees.

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PCPLS operates with an annual budget of nearly $6.1 million. The active Friends group helps promote the library and their missions and provides additional funding for materials, services, and programs. The library’s collection of approximately 621,000 items consists of about 488,200 print materials, 12,200 audiobooks, more than 48,000 DVDs, 16,400 Music CDs and other miscellaneous items.

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Almost 55,000 microforms are among the many resources available in the Larry J. Clark Genealogy Center. This center, housed in the Valparaiso Library, is the third largest genealogy department in the state and a great place to conduct family or local history research.

PCPLS also offers access to 6,500 eBooks and eAudio items, plus 120 titles of eMagazines. Annual circulation of collection items exceeds 1.4 million. Last year, the library
hosted 703 programs for adults with 16,700+ attendees and 1,145 youth programs attended by almost 17,700 children and young adults. PCPLS also does a brisk outreach business, both for adults (35 programs, nearly 5,000 attendees) and youth (109 programs, 10,300+ attendees).

The Porter County Public Library System is governed by a
Board of Trustees consisting of seven appointed officials serving four-year staggered terms.

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